Who am I?


My name is Laura Mayne and I have a passion for parenting!!!

I have worked with parents and their families in a variety of non-profit organizations for the past 25 years. I have been a mother for 24 of those years and have learned and grown along with my daughter and the parenting community around us.  I have always loved working with parents because I believe that in order to make the big changes needed in the world we must provide much more support to parents and families to allow them to raise children who can grow and develop to their fullest potential as world changers.


"By helping me separate my children's behaviour from my emotional response to their behaviour, Laura has helped me find a much needed inner calm in the face of big toddler emotions.

She offers a disarming empathy just when I feel I'm doing it wrong. She understands the emotional triggers that so often get in the way of being our best selves."


I started Heartswell Parent Counselling because I believe that parenting is such an important job with the power to be revolutionary in its very essence! And yet it is an endeavour so full of emotions, from the sweetest joy to the most heartbreaking challenges, and then there is so much daily work.  As parents, we often start out with big dreams and plans for how we want to parent and how our families will be.  The reality is that many of us find ourselves unprepared for the intensity of our children's needs and at times feel confused, hopeless, and just plain too exhausted to figure out what to do next. 

In my work with parents and families over the past twenty five years I have seen families make the most amazing transformations when given enough support, information, and resources.  It has been humbling and such an honour for me to be invited into their inner lives, to listen to their hardest challenges, and support their biggest personal growth.  I have seen that when parents are given the space to untangle their own difficulties and are supported to make the changes they need, that they come up with such brilliant creative solutions for their children and their families.


I believe parenting works best for everyone involved within a context of a supportive village or community.  Creating such community within a big city has long been a passion of mine. I have belonged to, started and worked within; a housing co-op, supper clubs, babysitting co-ops, a parent-participation school, parent advisory committees, and many parent support groups. As a single mom, I raised my daughter in East Vancouver in a cooperative house across the fence from where her two dads lived supported by several other 'aunties".  I know that all the people in the village surrounding us made our lives stronger and richer.  I love supporting families to find or grow their parenting villages.


I have been fortunate to have worked with wonderful colleagues learning and supporting families at the following organizations; Westcoast Family Centres, The YWCA of Greater Vancouver, St James Community Service Society — now the Bloom Group, Eastside Family Place, and Parents and Children Together — A Surrey Building Blocks Program.  My work with families at these organizations informs my work and my activism that all families should have access to support to allow them to grow to their full potential.


My formal education has supported and enhanced my learning from working with families and my personal experience.  In 2007 I graduated with a BA in family studies at UBC.  I completed VCC's Counselling Skills certificate program in 2003. In January 2019, I have returned to school to pursue a Master’s in Counselling at City University of Seattle, in Vancouver.

I am an avid reader/follower of parenting theories of all kinds but am most drawn to ones that include attachment theory, emotional expression, and deepest respect for both parent and child. 
I have completed Gorden Neufeld’s Intensive 1 — Making Sense of Kids, Intensive 2 — The Separation Complex, and the Advanced Intensive — Becoming Attached
I have also attended the Children Who Witness Violence Training, Diane Benoit's Attachment Disorders Training, Non-violent Conflict Resolution, and Postpartum Doula Training at Douglas College.

I believe in the goodness of parents, the power of a parent’s love and commitment, and the strength of parents as radical change makers.